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#1 Leg Elevation Device to Help with Swollen Ankles, Back Pain, and Injury Recovery. No More Foam Wedges or Pillows for Elevating Legs.

Fully adjustable making the KUMO-LIFT a one-size-fits-all ergonomic device to help in your recovery of reducing swelling. 

Includes a rechargeable air pump for fast easy elevation on the go

The KUMO-LIFT is suitable to aide in reducing swelling when advised by your professional clinician after some of the following procedures:

Torn ACL surgery recovery 

MCL surgery recovery 

Swollen Ankle Sprain 

Ankle Surgery Swelling

Post-Surgery Bunion Removal 

Lower-limb fractures 

Diabetes lower-limb swelling

Pregnancy Induced Swelling 

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Didn't know I needed this until I got it!!!!

10/10 would recommend! I fractured my ankle this year and the Kumo-Lift was my holy grail! It allowed me to keep my leg elevated so I could live my life but also optimize healing time! It was so nice that I didn’t have to rely on finding random things to keep my leg elevated on no matter where I went & it was also a great support for holding my ice pack!! It made recovery a little less shitty! Eric, the founder, was so kind and answered super quick to any questions I had! Would recommend to anyone suffering from a lower leg injury :) (Ps it stores really well too & because it’s inflatable I don’t have to worry about it taking up space)