What does ‘Kumovate’ mean?

/'ku’mo'/ – is cloud in Japanese 雲 

We wanted to build a product that has users feel like their placing their swollen leg on a soft, comfortable cloud

The ‘-vate’ of our name stands for our 3 pillars as a company 

1. Innovate
2. Alleviate 
3. Elevate

That makes our mission to offer innovative products that help patients alleviate pain through elevation. 

Our Vision: Making Healing Comfortable for Everyone


Our Mission

Kumovate provides patients with the most secure, adjustable, and comfortable orthopaedic care.


With any injury there is so much insecurity both physically and emotionally. We strive to make you feel safe and secure with our products,


Everyone is unique and different. We believe you should be able to get healing that is right for you.


Injuries are some of the most discomforting times of anybody's life. We want to bring you a little comfort in any way we can.


Our Team

Eric Muellejans

Eric Muellejans - CEO

Eric founded Kumovate after suffering his own sports injuries. He believes that everyone can overcome their injury adversities.